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We stock new and used parts for Fiat 500's. Parts for other Fiat models also available.

Fiat Parts & Service - Classic Car Restoration

Harman Motors has been established for well over 60 years as a family business, now second generation.

During the 1970's we became interested in engine tuning and development.

At that time we focused on American V8s, European cars and in particular Fiats.

Fiats had twin cam engines, timing belts, free flowing exhausts and disc brakes front and rear.   They were well ahead of their time and led the way in performance, road handling, inovation and styling.

The challenge of getting the best out of these cars inspired us and before long we had customers from all over the South Island.   Although there are not so many of those cars around now, the knowledge and passion is still there and we still have a lot of spare parts.   While the oppotunity and excitment for cutting edge technology is now with late model Holdens and Fords, we have not forgotten our roots.

Of all the Fiats produced, the greatest cult interest is now with the Fiat 500 or as branded in New Zealand the Fiat Bambina.

We have wide experience and knowledge with servicing and restoring Fiat 500s.

We have a comprehensive stock of new and used parts.   Everything from new headlamps, brake cylinders, sun roof and engine spares.


When David bought his first car in 1973 it was a 1966 Fiat 500 F and he still owns it!.

If you need servicing, parts, restoration or advice, contact David Harman +64 03 366 2375 or email us

We also do all mechanical repairs and restoration projects.

A Fiat 500 project we have worked on

Fiat Bambina This little project Bambina is being completely restored

Handy Tips:



When opening the sunroof, always open it fully. Do not just lift the front section as it will catch the wind and chaff through the vinyl fabric (Doesn't look great either).

So, either unclip the front catch and lift front bar backwards, while lifting the centre bar up fully with your other hand. Alternatively, release the front catch while driving at approx. 25 miles per hour. Lift up and the wind will take the sunroof fully back and fold it quite nicely for you!


The rear axles wear the outer splines mainly because they get rusty. As the suspension goes up and down, the rust acts like sandpaper, wearing out the splines.

Solution: When servicing your 500, put the grease gun point under the outer rubber boots. Squirt some grease in to lube the splines. Do this at every service.

King pins

Grease at every service. Jack the car up first so the suspension hangs under no load so that the grease gets right in. Never get under your car without appropriate axle stands in place - not ever.


1st gear is not very strong. So best to just get rolling with light throttle up to 5 miles per hour then change into 2nd.

Oil is important. To check, the level bung is on drivers side of gearbox just in front of drive axle. Use a 13mm open end spanner.


Fiats we are dismantling for used spares and parts are:

Fiat 500 Bambia

Fiat 126 & Niki

Fiat Bravo SX 1998 5 door

Fiat Punto 55 1955

Fiat Uno

Fiat Croma

Fiat 124, Fiat 125, Fiat 127, Fiat 128, Fiat 132.