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Ford Services

In 2002 Ford Australasia launched the BA range of Falcons.   This range was based around two engines, the 4 litre 24 valve straight 6 cylinder known as the Barra engine and the 5.4 litre V8 quad cam.   These engines were used in various trim right through the BA, BF and FG range.
We can custom tune all of these models including their FPV equivalent to improve power and economy.

The XR6 Turbo model uses the same basic engine as the naturally aspirated models with some stengthened components, a redesigned head, a large Garrett Turbo charger and a front mounted intercooler as the main points of difference.   As the Barra turbo was tamed down to not embarrass the V8 models it is one of the best "bang for buck" engines we can enhance for our customers.
While the turbo Barra responds well to power increases it is not the most economical engine in terms of fuel usage when driving on boost.

The 5.4 found in the XR8 range is a quad cam V8 that responds well to one of our Custom Tunes and can deliver improved fuel economy.