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Holden Performance Services

Performance and Economy

Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning is an essential tool in achieving performance and fuel economy for a Holden. Harman Motors houses a state of the art dyno facility, ensuring your vehicle receives professional and accurate tuning. The workshop is divided into several specialised areas, one being the purpose built dyno bay and tune-up room, housing one of the South Islands most capable rolling road chassis dynamometers. The dyno is an essential tool in the first class tuning that is performed.

Harman Motors also specialises in EFI tuning for aftermarket ECU's including Link and Apexi. We also cater for carburetted cars whether it be your daily driver or weekend track weapon. If you are specifically looking for VT-VF Tuning, please read on.

Dyno Tuning Dyno Tuning Dyno Tuning

Custom Tuning

We give you what you have always wanted from your LS1 / LS2 powered Holden V8 - improved performance and better fuel economy.

We have the latest custom tuning programme and combined with the very capable Torque Performance Chassis Dyno, we are able to offer you the opportunity to unleash the full potential of your V8.

We design a tune to suit your requirements and then "re-flash" your computer.

What is a Custom Tune?

  • A Custom Tune allows us to get the best performance and fuel economy, which until now has been locked in the computer, from your late model Holden V8.
  • Using the powerful VCM Suite software, we are able to read, change and write-back the tables in the ECU.
  • Works well on an unmodified car, essential after modifications such as exhaust system, CNC head change, supercharger, cam change, etc.
  • Improves performance - usually 20 to 30kw increase on an unmodified engine, 100kw plus increase with supercharger.
  • Better fuel economy - up to 10% improvement.
  • Improved drivability; greater throttle response - instant power increase from take off.
  • Auto transmission custom tuned to suit your requirements.
  • "Bang for buck", a Custom Tune is by far the most cost effective way of improving your Holden.
  • We have been trained by one of Australia's most experienced and respected LS1 tuners, Mario Pancione, from Autotechnique, Melbourne.
  • Money back guarantee - conditions apply.

It doesn't matter whether your vehicle's engine is stock or has been heavily modified for serious performance, you can benefit from digitally tweaking and tuning one of the most important parts in the vehicle; its computer.

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Holden Performance Tuning

Using VCM Suite's engine tuning software, we are able to tune your Holden VT II to VF V8 Commodore to an extremely high standard. VCM Suite is the most powerful and advanced tuning software available for your LS1/LS2 (GEN 3 and 4) Series engines. It doesn’t matter whether a vehicle’s engine is stock or has been heavily modified for serious performance, you can benefit from digitally tweaking and tuning one of the most important parts in the vehicle; its computer.

Holden Performance Tuning Holden Performance Tuning Holden Performance Tuning

Engine Modifications

These engines are amazingly strong, very well built and capable of reliably producing twice their original horsepower! 

Popular enhancements, along with usual power gains measured at the rear wheels are:

  • LEVEL ONE: Harman Motors Custom Tune (20 - 30 kw)
  • LEVEL TWO: Headers, big bore exhaust, cold air intake, plus Level one (30-50 kw)
  • LEVEL THREE: Level two plus performance camshaft (70 - 90 kw)
  • LEVEL FOUR: Level two plus Harrop Supercharger (90 - 110 kw)

The Harrop Supercharger gives blistering, tyre shredding power from low revs right through the range. Makes your car feel like a V8 Supercar! Then when you drive quietly, it is very economical e.g. 9.5litre / 100km. Very pleasing all round.

Many other options include CNC ported cylinder heads, twin turbos, NOS Kits or even the insane 454 cubic inch all - alloy engine.

The key to success with all modifications is the Harman Motors Custom Tune to match the computer to the modifications.

Brake and suspension upgrades are recommended.

We can help you with various options to suit you.

Discuss your dreams with us before commencing.

Take advantage of our vast experience to make it a reality, not a disappointment.

We have seen and tested many different combinations and know what works. Don't waste your money on mods that don't work.

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Engine Modifications Engine Modifications Engine Modifications


Regular performance servicing can extend your vehicle's life and help with fuel economy. Harman Motors offers high quality services for all makes and models, from the latest model Holden, imported European car, classic rides and Japanese vehicles. We also specialise in Warrant of Fitness Certificates and Checks, and other mechanical repairs. If you require a quality service with competitive prices and detailed care, give us a call today! Harman Motors is MTA assured and an AA Licenced Repairer.

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