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Dyno Day Results (1st November 2012)

Dynamometer Testing, Dyno Engine Tune

Our Dynamometer testing is done by professionals to get a accurate dyno engine tune.

Owner Make/Model Engine type /cc rating Max kW Modifications
Patrick 03 VY SS 5.7 215 Full exhaust, Custom tune, Faulty O2 sensor
Milton 04 VY II Ute 5.7 215 Full exhaust, SS Induction intake
Harman Motors 06 VE SS 6.0 326 Full exhaust, Cold Air V. Hot Cam, Custom tune
Veronica VT II SS 5.7 192 Standard
Noel 07 VE Clubsport 6.0 230 Cat back exhaust
Kevin 02 VX Senator 5.7 201 Rear Mufflers
Andrew 06 VE Calais 6.0 206 Rear Mufflers
Billy 04 VY SS Ute 5.7 200 Remapped, Big Bore Headers
Murray 02 VY Ute 5.7 210 Exhaust, Tune
Stephen VX GTS 5.7 228 Standard