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Dyno Day Results (16th March 2013)

Our dyno testing is done by our technicians to measure Rear Wheel KiloWatts.

Owner Make/Model Engine type /cc rating Engine Size Max kWs Modifications
Tony 2012 HSV GTS
LS3 6.2 280 Air Intake
Anne-Marie 2002 R8 HSV Clubsport
LS1 5.7 180
Mike 2006 SS Ute
LS1 5.7 203
Graeme BMW Z3
5.7 231 Cam, Exhaust, C/Tune, ex Harman LS1
HML Holden SS V
L98 6 325 Cam, Exhaust, C/Tune, OTR
Maurice Holden Calais
5 137