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"Spring into Oxford"

Sunday the 6th of October I attended the “Spring into Oxford” show. It's a more low key kind of a show with stalls selling crafts and candyfloss along with face painting and llamas. I had taken the bright orange hot cammed V8 Harman Motors 2006 VE SS-V Holden Commodore to what was largely a classic car show. I can tell you it turned some heads - like all of them when I arrived and proceeded to park up on the outer edge of the grass oval.

I had arranged to meet David Harman out there with his 1965 Daimler 2.5. David's Daimler is a true usable classic cruiser with a few historic rallys under it's belt and a modified V8 under it's hood. The bored and stroked original engine has a great rumble to it. The two cars attracted a lot of attention during the superbly sunny day and it was nice to catch up with some of our customers.

Along the street there's the local farmers market. If you're looking for a nice drive and a good day for the family I would suggest heading out to the show next year. Come and say hi and take a closer look at what we have on display.

James McMullan
Performance Technician