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Dyno Day Results 15/02/14

Dynamometer Testing, Dyno Engine Tune

Our Dynamometer testing is done by professionals to get an accurate rear wheel kilowatt reading. 

Owner       Make/Model          CC Rating     Max Kw      Modifications

Tristian      Holden VX            5700cc         195kw        Std. Pod Filter.Cat back exh.
Glen          Monaro VX            5700cc        206kw         2.5 Catback exh.
Kevin        Ford BA Fairmont   5400cc        180kw         Redline airfilter. 2.5 Catback exh.

Bevin        Holden VE GTS       6200cc       330kw          Supercharged Walkinshaw kit

Peter        Holden HSV VS       5000cc       162kw          K & N Coby Exh
Chris        Ford GTP                5400cc       166kw          Catback exh Shaker
Kylie         Holden VX R8         5700cc       213 kw         K & N Decats
Geoff        Holden GTO           5700cc       218kw           Big Bore Exh OTR
Harman    Holden VE              6000cc       331kw           Exh OTR Cam Tune