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Ruapuna Track Day 2014

May 3rd saw our annual customer track day held in conjunction with the Lancia and Fiat club. We had 5 vehicles on the track with a strong showing of utes making up 3. We had Paul with his VZ Ute 6L cammed 300rwkw animal finding the limit of factory brakes and Nigel in his MAFLESS tuned VZ 5.7 ute finding the limit. We had only one Ford out on the track with Stuart driving hard as he always does in his nicely kitted out 5.4 Falcon ute. Michael running his super sleeper M spec 125I convertable BMW as his Shelby Daytona was out of action for the day. I was running the Harman Motors VE and had a blast playing with the level of oversteer I could generate with the 340 odd rwkw it has due to the performance upgrades we have done. One thing that made it all the better was the new brake pads we have been running for the last 6 months. With the installation of EBC Yellow Stuff I was able to run hard for a considerable amount of time and saw many full 5 lap runs with minimal fade only occuring at the end of the day with what was essentually an 8 lap session. This may not sound fantastic but to have a street tuned VE Commodore run down a tuned Porche 911 on a race track you know we are doing something right. In fact the only car I came across for the whole day that could show the VE it's heals was a Radical S3!