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FPV Tickford Club Dyno Day

Saturday 21st June

The Christchurch FPV and Tickford Club came to Harman Motors for their own Dyno Day.
An interesting selection of 10 immaculate cars with a wide range of results on the dyno. The cars included: XR8, GT Supercharged, AuIII TS TE50, XR6 Turbo and Typhoon and a classic favourite XY.
A very friendly group who obviously know each other well and appreciate Fords.
Our Performance Technican, James McMullan, is a Ford owner and was able to talk to us all about what works well when tuning Fords and succeded in entertaining everyone with all the dyno runs.
A steady flow of cars coming on and off the dyno was ensured by our enthusiastic technician, Chris.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the morning and look forward to keeping in touch.
The days dyno results are listed here in Rear Wheel Kilowatts.
Some of the club members were asking me how to convert rear wheel kilowatts into flywheel kilowatts, which we did at the time, but here are a few more thoughts:

This is always an approximate science but these figures are generally accepted and born out from our testing hundreds of cars on the dyno.
On every car there is a power loss through the drive train of approx 25 - 30%.
So to find flywheel Kilowatts, multiply the Rear Wheel Kilowatt figure by 33%.

Note: Drive train losses are due to a number of factors, including
- Torque converter drag and slippage.
- Pumping action of oils in gearbox and diff.
- The oil pump in the auto transmission.
- Windage of the gears moving through the air.
- Seal drag.
- Rotational inertia of all transmission and diff parts, plus flywheel, driveshaft and axles.
Some kinetic energy is lost as heat energy which is then transferred to the atmosphere (tut tut).
- The differential essentially turns the drive through 90 degrees.
This alone can account for up to 10% power loss.
- Viscosity and condition of trans & diff oils.

David Harman

Dynamometer Testing, Dyno Engine Tune

Our Dynamometer testing is done by professionals to get an accurate rear wheel kilowatt reading.

Owner Make/Model CC Rating Max Kw Modifications
Wayne 05 BA XR8 5400cc 210kw Shaker Kit, Herrod Exhaust, Air Filter + intake
Rex FG XR6T 4000cc Turbo 243kw Standard
Andrew FG XR6T 4000cc Turbo 296kw Forged Internals, Aftermarket intake Fuel system, Intercooler + more
Adrian AU3TS50 5600cc 195kw Herrod Exhaust, K&N Filter
Mark AU3TS50 5600cc 182kw Standard
Mark FG GTP 5000cc Supercharged 412kw Supercharger + many mods
Al FG GT 5000cc Supercharged 301kw Standard
Craig BA GTP FRV 5400cc 243kw Factory chip, Cat back Exhaust
Paul BF F6 Typhoon 4000cc Turbo 235kw  
Peter XY Falcon GT 351ci 153kw