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Dyno Day Results 21/03/15

Dynamometer or  Dyno Testing

Our Dynamometer testing is done to get an accurate rear wheel kilowatt reading.

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Owner Make/Model CC Rating Max Kw Modifications
Clinton Ford XR8FG 5400cc 228.1kw Standard
Jesse Holden VX SS 5700cc 224.3kw Headers, OTR, Exhaust, Mail order tune
James Holden VE SS 6000cc 238kw Intake pipe, HSV headers, Exhaust
Tristan Holden VE SS 6000cc 302.7kw Cam, Intake, Headers, Exhaust, Harman Motors Custom Tune
Peter Holden Clubsport VX 5700cc 218kw SS Induction, Coby Exhaust
Murray Holden VE SSV 6000cc 250kw Headers, OTR, Exhaust, Harman Motors Custom Tune
George Holden SS VE 6000cc 248.8kw Headers, OTR, Exhaust
Luke Holden VY SS 5700cc 219.1kw Headers, Exhaust, Cold Air Intake
Darren Ford RX6 4000cc 155kw Growler intake, Exhaust
Kevin Holden VX HSV 5700cc 270kw Headers, Cam, Decat Exhaust, OTR, Harman Motors Custom Tune
James Ford XR6T 4000cc 324kw Harman Motors Custom Tune + mods