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Dyno Day Results 20/02/16

Dynamometer or  Dyno Testing

Our Dynamometer testing is done to get an accurate rear wheel kilowatt reading.

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Owner Make/Model CC Rating Max Kw Modifications
Alan Holden VZ 6 250kw Tune, K&N, Headers, Cat back Exhaust
Dave Shelby 5.8 398kw Standard
Brett Monoro VX 5.7 236kw Holden Kelloway Mafless
Dave Holden VE SS 6 275kw Cam
Lou Holden VE SS 6 248kw Exhaust, Intake, Harman Motors Custom Tune
Yorkie Ford XR8 5.4 248kw Cams, Exhaust, Intake, Harman Motors Custom Tune
Tony Holden VX SS 5.7 249kw Mild cam. Exhaust, OTR, tune
Martin Boss 260 5.4 209kw Standard
David Holden VY SS 5.7 195 kw Standard
Matthew Ford BA XR6 Turbo 4 185.5kw Standard
Michael Holden VE SS 6 219kw Rear Mufflers
Ral Holden VU SS 5.7 237kw OTR, Full exhaust, Harman Motors Custom Tune
Jason Holden VY SS 5.7 257kw Cam, OTR, Exhaust, Harman Motors Custom Tune (very dirty air intake)