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WOF, Servicing & Repairs

We service all makes and models of vehicles.

WOF's, WOF Repairs, Oil change services, Brakes, Clutches,Tyres, Engine and transmission rebuilds.
Cambelts, cooling systems, pre-purchase checks, fault scanning.

Our experienced staff frequently carry out mechanical restoration work and usually have at least one project in progress at any given time.

Nearly all work is carried out in our workshop by our experienced staff.

A current restoration project is a 1952 Plymouth Suburban wagon.

This car has not been running for approx 20 years.

Daniel has reconditioned the engine and sorted through various other parts to use the best available. He has also done major work on suspension & brakes.

Howard the owner, sources some parts from the states as required.Recently arrived are, new handbrake cables, reconditioned carburettor & new wiring loom.

Howard wants to make the car mechanically very reliable, but keep the paintwork and appearance original – as the rural mail delivery wagon.

It is a type of 'Resto Rod'. Instead of restoring the bodywork to showroom condition it honestly shows the age and reflects the true history of that car.